Better Cash Flow, HR, & Payroll Effectiveness

Better Cash Flow, HR, & Payroll Effectiveness

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Leverage our teams experience in HR Systems, cash flow improvements and modern pay options to increase profitability, employee engagement and cash flow above and below the EBITDA line. 

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Instigate uses a preparatory software to look for your improvements above and below the EBITDA line.  Reduced cost of operations (above the EBITDA line) and some are tax strategies  (below the EBITDA line) that gives almost every client a dramatically improved cash flow including refunds from previous taxes paid or loss carry back. 


My team will spend its time and money to look for your savings and when we find it as we often do, we all win!


Employee Pay options

If you are concerned about your employees and your bottom line, Instigate and our Earned Wage Access vendors can help. The instant pay, or earned wage access providers we work with  can replace costly paper checks and pay cards, improve employee retention, and attract more talent for your company. We will do the legwork to find the best solution for  you. 


You can choose to just deploy a better pay card or let employees’ access their pay between paydays without adding complications to your payroll process. Clients who advertise Earn Wage Access increase applicant flow as much as three times and retention improves by as much as 20% depending on industry.



HR structures

Payroll, Human Resources and Benefit administration does not make your organization money. And choosing the wrong model, products or vendors can really hurt your bottom line. Change is never easy but by leveraging the FreshHR teams’ expertise and decades of experience in Payroll, HR outsourcing Models and Benefits, FreshHR can be your advocate and make the process easier.

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