Instigate checklist

Instigate checklist

Here is the Instigate checklist of how we can help:

1. Tighten up HR and associated costs, do you really need/use the services you’re paying for?

2. Have an independent benefits review to see if your agent is finding you the most cost-effective benefits plan available

3. Check for tax credits such as WOTC, Employee Retention Credits and have Property Taxes reviewed by one of our team’s professionals.

4. Have a contingency energy cost audit done, unregulated states have an open market and few business owners know to “shop” gas and electricity

5. Let us explore if you can reduce what you owe Uncle Sam with R&D tax credits or accelerated depreciation with an Engineered Cost Segregation study

6. Retain talent. The cost of turnover is often overlooked by business owners, replacing a $20 an-hour employee with another $20 employee if expensive, taxes restart, leadership must interview, hire, orientate, train, and quality production or service will often lag.

7. Consider a “pay any Day” option. We have free solutions that help employees whose pay is often lumpy have access to wages they have earned between paydays without adding to your payroll team’s workload.